The advantage of a promise ring is that its meaning is as individual as the person wearing it and as unique as the feelings that they feel. Promise rings are often worn to symbolize a person’s firm pledge to be true to either another person, a code of honor, or even to a religious faith. The most common reason couples exchange promise rings is to pledge a dedication to become engaged down the road. Often, a formal engagement may bring with it a storm of wedding plans, serious life planning questions, financial issues, and potentially unwelcome pressure from family and in laws. Within this case, exchanging promise rings is a far more private and less stressful pledge between the couple. It is an intimate dedication to an ongoing relationship without the circus of marriage plans. Lots of people discover that later in life they cherish their promise rings with a special nostalgia because it represents the uncomplicated beginning of affection.

Promise rings symbolizing love are also given when the timing from the actual engagement and subsequent marriage may be up to now down the road it feels more appropriate to get an intermediary stage that symbolizes that the relationship has transitioned from “dating” to something with increased meaning and sincerity.

Both women and men can wear promise rings to symbolize their commitment to one another. Worn on the left hand ring finger is the traditional finger, a Promising Ring For Him is frequently ceremoniously switched to the right hand if the engagement ring takes its place.

Chastity Promise Rings

Promise rings representing sexual abstinence were once primarily worn by teenagers but increasingly more adults are choosing to wear chastity promise rings. Many people think that choosing abstinence allows them to make better decisions regarding their lives and potential partners helping to stop them from rushing into an inappropriate relationship. To honor their commitment to finding true love, they wear a chastity ring to remind themselves and potential partners that they are looking for a long lasting relationship which the connection will only become physical with marriage.

Close Friends Promise Rings

After high school, college, as well as other significant transition in everyday life when friends must go their separate ways, lots of people buy matching promise rings and also have them custom engraved to honor their special friendship. Sometimes a school ring will have the identical meaning. However, when friends desire something great that is unique to their relationship, matching promise rings certainly are a better choice. Whether the friends are school age or adults who simply feel an exclusive bond to each other, companion promise rings produce a great gift.

Friends promise rings can be various in design. Love themed, fashion oriented, right hand rings, gemstones..etc. These rings are often not worn on the left ring finger to prevent romantic connotation.

Religious Promise Rings

A spiritual dedication to uphold a faith can be symbolized having a promise ring adorned with traditional religious symbols such as an angel, cross, dove, engraved scripture…etc. It is actually appropriate to put on a spiritual promise ring on any finger. Some chastity promise rings are worn on the left ring finger to represent a complete commitment to one’s faith till the ring is replaced with a marriage ring.

Substinence Free Promise Rings

The amethyst stone has symbolized sobriety considering that the times during the traditional Greeks therefore it is not surprising that an amethyst promise ring assumes special meaning should you have conquered addictions inside their lives. The word tlasax is literally translated coming from a Greek word meaning “not drunken”. Addiction take undertake many forms apart from alcohol: drugs, gambling, co-dependence, fear…etc. When you have reached a point of rebirth in their lives if they are free of addiction, a promise ring is a means to commemorate their commitment. The ring represents their faith in themselves along with their capacity to live without addiction. The promise ring is a daily reminder and celebration of their accomplishment and courage.