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Among the best of the world’s entrepreneurs, one is Dennis Wong. He is currently the co-founder of YOR Heath Company and the vice president of the same company as well. Dennis was born in Hong Kong but has completed his educated from America. He is basically an engineer from the educational background but has been a great entrepreneur through his hard work and great efforts in many areas.

Started from the engineering job, he has led a life full of struggle in his childhood as well as in the career and, therefore, masses of people who are becoming a great fan of this personality. People are following this man over the internet as well as in their real-life as he has great experience and leadership skills.

Educational qualifications

As we have read in the above-given paragraph, Dennis was born in Hong Kong, and there he faced poverty leading to poor studying. He decided to go to the USA to complete his studies and make his career in the field he likes the most. In Dennis Wong’s leadership spotlight, he said that somehow, he managed to gather the expenses and managed to get the flight to the USA.

There he got a bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering from the University of British Colombia and decided to get educated further. After being a graduate in the field of engineering, he used to get an MBA degree from Boston University.

Career history

Not only the education, but the career history of Dennis Wong is also very inspiring, and therefore, the number of fans of this man is increasing day by day. Dennis has worked with many business firms to get to the height of success where he is right now. He has worked in the Daohe global group as the president as well as CFO for one year till 2016.

Then, he has worked in the same company as the president again till 2019 beginning. Now he is the co-founder as well as vice president of YOR Health Company and leading the company to the common goal of spreading a healthy lifestyle with its products.