If you are currently homeless or at risk of losing your housing…
Contact 211 for further assistance.

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PH: 860-245-0222
FAX: 860-245-0035

What does MASH do?

We strive to end family homelessness, one family at a time.

MASH has three programs to help prevent and end family homelessness.

  • MASH diverts families from shelter where possible. Diverting families from shelter avoids trauma, the expense of shelter and makes the best use of shelter beds.
  • MASH shelters families who have become homeless. MASH assists with seeking employment, budgeting, childcare, school placement and finding permanent housing.
  • MASH rehouses families as quickly as possible. MASH provides assistance with housing location, security deposit, first month’s rent and case management services until the family is stabilized.

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