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Riddles are an excellent source to develop the abilities of an individual. It works on the logical thinking ability and deals with skills which tend to solve a problem. It also produces a sense of spatial and improves short term memory.

Tricky riddles mobilize relation between left and right brain. The left brain handles the problem-solving ability, whereas the right brain works on colour and subjective attribute of the mystery. Solving the puzzle by attentiveness helps in reducing stress.

Various Benefits of solving the riddle

  • Improves mental ability

Puzzles are the best way to strengthen psychic skills and keep fit active. Tricky questions lead to thinking for a situation which requires an excellent level of thinking, attentiveness and patience. A person having an active mind will help in dealing with any stress full situation. Thus, it avoids a problem like anxiety, stress etc.

  • Enhances the skills of an individual

Solving a riddle leads to the use of critical thinking, which promotes cognitive ability and rise in concentration level. The best example used here can be of direction sense riddle, which requires logical reasoning to get solved and increase knowledge of an individual.

  • Rises Intelligent quotient

The IQ level of the person jumps to the next level by explaining this type of riddles. It is one of the most valuable benefits for people. It develops memory, problem-solving ability and many other skills.

  • Productivity level

The productivity level of an individual is raised, and it also strengthens the vital skills required for an active and healthy brain. Solving a riddle requires high productivity level with good thinking ability.

  • Cognitive strength

It also mobilizes the cognitive knowledge as a visual strength of an individual is raised. As for solving an advanced level riddle, more advance reasoning is required.

  • Meditation

Questions tend an Individual to think at the next level, which keeps a mind active and healthy. It put sort type of trance in memory of an individual just like we get in meditation.