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Air conditioners need regular maintenance of its parts and machines. This will not increase its lifespan but will also increase its efficiency and performance. The regular cleaning improves the circulation of cool air, and it is better to clean the air conditioners with a chemical wash. It is suggested to make the use of chemical wash aircon once in a year, and for regular maintenance, at home, you can use water and soap. Chemical wash improves the condition of all its parts and machine-like drainage pipes and condenser.

Let us know the method and its steps on how to use chemical wash for cleaning which is as follows:-

  • First, you need to switch off the power supply and then open up the dirty filters for cleaning them. You can clean them with a brush, make use of a vacuum cleaner or with a brush. 
  • Shake the chemical wash before opening it.
  • You need to spray the chemical wash from top to bottom by keeping the aircon coil away.
  • Now you need to leave the aircon open for some time to get the spray penetrated deeper into it.
  • You can also spray the germ killer to clean the fins and filters of the air conditioner.
  • Adjust the filter properly before switching on the aircon.
  • To get the best result, set the aircon at 23-24 degrees and try to keep the fan at high speed.

Using a chemical wash for cleaning the air conditioner will make you see positive changes as bad odor, and any blockage will be removed. You get healthy air as bad air can cause respiratory problems and other health hazards. It is better to get the service done regularly for making the air conditioners performance better.