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Mostly these speakers are oval in shape and designed in that manner which provides high-quality sound. If you want to replace the old and dull speakers, then 6x9Speakers is considered as the best choice. But there are some disadvantages too if you are replacing the old one with this one. Considering some things helps to understand how to make a good selection. If you want to buy it online you can also reach the best 6×8 speakers .


•    Simplicity– as compared to other speaker’s options it is recommended the best one. It is very easy to use this system with good quality sound. You don’t need to waste more time to know about the features.

•    Low price– if you go in the market to buy this type of speaker it doesn’t need more money to spend. On the other hand, if you go with an online shopping option like Soundstefan, then there are more chances of getting amazing offers and discounts.


•    Extra effort– while installing this type of speakers it needs some extra effort. There are two mountain locations while installing this one is rear deck and the second option is a separate speaker box. Both the mountain location need rewiring and extra effort while replacing the old speakers with a new one.

•    Distorted sound– either is considered as the best option which provides better quality sound, but at some place and at a higher level its sounds get distorted. You need to face some issues due to its design when it comes to higher level handling.


If you are going to purchase 6×9 speakers from Soundstefan, then there may be three varieties comes in this option. You don’t need to be more confused and stressed about this option; it is simple to choose that type which contains maintained level of frequency system and good quality speaker material.