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When there is any major mechanical problem in the car engine, then replacing the engine is the best option. This is one and only method by which we can save money and also increase the car life. Well, when it comes to the process of replacing your engine, then it is a difficult task. Now I am going to describe the several steps which are involved in the procedure of replacing a car engine. 

Step 1

First of all, we are required to remove the hood and let me tell you that for this, two persons are required.  When they are removed then doesn’t forget to screw the bolts again because, by this, we can keep them safe.

Step 2

The car engine basically uses many different kinds of fluids, and we should drain all these fluids. If you are getting confused about where to start then pick the option of engine oil. In addition to this, you are also supposed to drain coolant.  The drained fluids will not be used again, and you should always place the oils separately so that we can give them for recycling.

Step 3

Now, this is the time for disconnecting intake along with coolant lines and exhaust. Also, don’t forget to disconnect wiring and motor mount bolts. After this, just remove the old engine.

Step 4

When you have removed the old car engine, then this is the time for locating a good replacement. Before going to install, you are advised to compare both options.

In the following step, you are only required to connecting to the engine. These are the main steps which should be followed in order to replace the engine. There is no doubt that the process is not so easy, but it can be completed by each and everyone.