Dublin is the city which is located between the Howth in the north and the headland of Dalkey to the South. Before independence, it was the second city of the British Empire. The city is famous for its many places. If you are planning for a family trip, then there are many family things to do Dublin. There is no need to worry that what you will do in the city if you will go with your family.

Trinity College

Trinity College is the best spot in the Dublin city which is to be watched by the people. It is extremely cool in looking and the best way to meet with nature’s greenery. It is the heart of the city which is having an incredible history. Trinity is a heaven looking place which is so clean and peaceful.

 Grafton Street

Grafton Street is the shopping location of the city which one should never miss if they will go to watch the city of culture Dublin. It is the street where you can do shopping effectively. It does not matter that when you will go at the Street. Whenever you go there, you will find a lot of crowds there at morning, noon or at night.

Little museum of Dublin

When you went to Dublin, then you must watch the museum there also. Do you know that it is the city which is full of history and culture? It is obvious that wherever you will go for the trip, you will try to find about the place. So whenever you go there, you should go to the little museum to know about the city what is actually is.

So there are many weekend things to do in Dublin. Now make your trip better with the help of the above mentioned places to visit.