Usually, mints are important for the US nation on the behalf of currency production. It belongs with the Bureau of engraving and printing that helps to regulate the coins.  However, the control of the government in order to produce gold and silver medals will be stored for national and business events. It is formed with Federal government of the United States that have a parent agency named department of treasury. The US mints location has criteria of issuing the marketing program for trade and commerce.

The US is concerned with the minting of coins with various locations. These are the four places except Washington D.C and Fort Knox.

  • West Point, New York

The west point was constructed in 1937 with the consideration of bullion depositories. The first coin is minted Lincoln cents that have no mark. It issues official proof of quarters for both the bicentennial and Washington varieties that can able to store gold also.

  • Philadelphia Mint

The Philadelphia mint created under the constitution of US that is turned into community college of Philadelphia. They issue the mint coin up to one million in 30 minutes only with medals for military and engrave dies. Thus, the circulation of money provides the facility to strikers in businesses.

  • Denver Mint and San Francisco Mint: The Denver is the largest producer of coins in the world. Having 167 million coins minted as quickly as possible to circulate fast. Similarly, the San Francisco has suspension of minting the proof coinage for the resumption of supplemental until 1974.

These are the places where one can find the regulatory of coins and the working sense in the form of distribution. Thus, the US mints location helps the public to get the solution of any queries.