To keep the privacy of room window blinds are the must.  Window blinds are very famous because of their provided benefits for users. Included to these basic benefits is their ability to be closed or opened. An open window blind has a benefit like letting the air flow into the room or getting off the heat from the room. Close window blinds melbourne also have lots of benefits. Actually, all types of blinds can be closed but it depending on the type of window blinds:

  1.  Venetian blinds
  2.   Roller blinds
  3.   Roman blinds

Venetian blinds are popular window blind type. Venetian blinds are available in three different materials, Aluminium (are known as mini blinds), wood, Eco wood (are known as faux- wood, eco-wood, PVC blinds) Venetian blinds are constructed with special slats which are usually made out of plastic or metal.  The common width is 50mm. Some wider slats are better put on for larger windows. When they are made up of wood, but with the same structure as the Venetian blinds, they are still called as wooden blinds. Blinds were created to provide you with privacy and prevent sunlight from entering through the window.


Roman blinds are window covering that can be operated by rolling sections of the blinds into a stack. It is made up of cotton, polyester and linen fabric. A wide range of colours are available in roman roller.

Roman blinds typically come in two variant, Sunscreen and Blackout. A sunscreen roman blinds allow the light to come in room through fabric. Blackout means block sunscreen and glare.


Roller blinds are window covering that can be opened by rolling shade up on a cylinder that run above the window. Roller blinds are very reasonable. It made up of 100% polyester. A wide range of colours is available in roller blinds.

Roller blind come in two variant sunscreen and blocks out, A sunscreen allow the light to come in room through fabric and Blackout as the name suggests, block out all sun and glare.